Library Map

The Lower Level
Library Lower Level
A. Academic Resource Center (ARC)
B. Listening and Viewing Rooms
C. Computer Lab (G7)
D. Classrooms G10 and G15
E. Conference Rooms (G09 and G18) can be booked for Group Study.
     Faculty Offices and Classrooms (G11-G14, G16, and G17)
F. Faculty Offices (G20)
Vending Machines are located near the elevator.
* Restrooms
The First Floor

Library First Floor

G. Photocopiers
H. Reference Desk
I. New Books/Leisure Reading Collection
J. Reference Collection
K. Juvenile Literature Collection
L. Reference Indexes
M. Periodical Collection
N. Circulating Collection/Main Stacks
O. Reference Computers
P. Faculty Offices (105)
* Restrooms
The Second Floor

Library Second Floor
Q. Circulating Collection/Main Stacks continued
R. Browsing Collections
S. Mulvaney Leadership Institute Collection and computer stations
T. Emmanuel Archives
U. Rare Book Room
 * Restrooms
The Third Floor

Development and Alumni Relations