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Paper requirements -  "[A]t least four books and/or peer reviewed sources" is necessary to receive a "C" on your research paper.  An "A" paper has a "a large number of peer reviewed strong and academically respected sources."
See the syllabus for further information.
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Paper Requirements:
Scholarly books are written by authors who have advanced degrees (e.g., PhD) in the field of study and the books are published by scholarly presses (e.g., university presses)


Reference Books (Print and E-Books)
  • Political Handbook of the World REFERENCE JF37 .P6
  • Statesman's Yearbook REFERENCE JA51 .S7
Article Databases
Restricted Resource = Emmanuel Faculty, Staff & Students only
"Peer-reviewed [refereed] journals are publications that include only those articles that have been reviewed and/or qualified by a selected panel of acknowledged experts in the field of study covered by the journal" (Ebsco Help).
  • Explore the Suggested International Relations Journals.
  • JSTOR and Project MUSE only contain scholarly publications. For the other databases, make sure that you limit the databases to peer-reviewed.
Note: There are many strong journals that specialize in a particular area.

Suggested Scholarly International Relations Journals

American Political Science Review  | Foreign Affairs* | Foreign PolicyInternational Journal of Middle East Studies | International Journal of World Peace | International Security | International Studies Quarterly | International Studies Review | International Affairs | Journal of Peace Research | The Middle East Journal | Political Science Quarterly | SAIS Review | Survival | The Washington Quarterly | World Policy Journal | World Politics
Note: There are many journals that specialize in a particular geographical region ( such Europe, Asia, Africa) even a particular country such as Turkey or China) or subject area such as terrorism or the economy.

* Foreign Affairs, although not peer-reviewed, is scholarly and will count towards the required sources.

Article Databases: Ranked by Relevance

JSTOR Restricted Resource

Project MUSE® Restricted Resource

Ebsco search for Political Science Restricted Resource Gale Academic OneFile (1980 - current) Restricted Resource
  • Limit to Peer Reviewed Journals under More Options.
ProQuest Central Restricted Resource
  • Limit to: Peer Reviewed
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Research Paper Citation Guidelines
  • 16th ed. of the Chicago Manual of Style
  • May use in text, footnotes, or endnotes with a bibliography

Chicago Manual of Style (17th ed.) REFERENCE DESK Z253 .U69 2017
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