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Kanopy Access Changes starting 7/15/2019
Kanopy is a streaming video resource with a broad collection of over 26,000 films in every subject area from leading producers such as Criterion Collection, The Great Courses, New Day Films, HBO California Newsreel, Kino Lorber, PBS, BBC, First Run Features, The Video Project, Documentary Education Resources.
  • Kanopy (Emmanuel users) Restricted Resource
    • Emmanuel users can search the full Kanopy database and view all video descriptions.
    • For titles you are unable to play, please fill out the request form on that film's Kanopy page.
    • The Library prioritizes purchasing licenses for films requested by faculty for use in courses and those requested by faculty or staff for hosted, educational events.
    • Orders and streaming access activation take 1-2 days much like our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service.
    • Consider previewing Kanopy videos through the Boston Public Library or your local public library – many public libraries have recently added Kanopy streaming to their offerings.
  • Kanopy through the BPL with an ecard
    • New users to Kanopy through BPL should sign up for an account.  After verifying your email address, you will need to submit your BPL card/ecard number and pin. (See Apply for a BPL eCard if you are not already registered.)
    • BPL access allows for up to 4 films/month and 3 days to watch each film.
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Why is Kanopy access changing?

The Emmanuel College Library has decided to change how we access Kanopy films in 2019-2020 due to rising costs. Rather than participating in Kanopy's Patron Driven Acquisition model we will be moving to an All Request Access model. While we are very happy that Kanopy has met our user's streaming needs, the PDA model is no longer affordable for us.
What is Kanopy's Patron Driven Acquisition Model?
  • A Patron Driven Acquisition Model (PDA) allows libraries to acquire items based on the immediate needs and demands of their patrons.
  • Kanopy is not a flat fee subscription service like Netflix
  • When a film is viewed 3 times a license purchase is automatically triggered
  • 30 consecutive seconds of watching a film counts as one of these 3 views
  • Note: A license is for one year only and includes public performance rights

This recent article from Film Quarterly (May 2019) clarifies how Kanopy works.
Can I still use Kanopy?
  • Yes we still have streaming access to films whose one-year licenses have not expired.
  • For a list of the films that we have licensed over the year with their associated expeiration datess, click the tab above titled "Licensed Films."  We will update this list monthly.
  • If you try to view a film that we have not licensed, you will be prompted with a pop-up request form. Feel free to fill out the request form.
  • We will prioritize purchasing licenses for films requested by faculty for use in courses and those requested by faculty or staff for hosted, educational events
  • Expect a 1-2 day turnaround for requests much like our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service
What if a film I planned to use this semester is no longer available on Kanopy?
  • If a film you planned to use during the semester is no longer available on the Kanopy platform or if the license for the film will expire before the date needed please contact Anne Hancock (hancoan@emmanuel.edu) as soon as possible.

Requesting films through Kanopy

  • If you choose a title for which we do not already have a license, you may fill out the request form.
  • Priority consideration will be given for films requested by faculty for use in courses and those requested by faculty or staff for hosted, educational events.
  • When filling out the form, use your emmanuel.edu email address and include the name of the associated course or your planned campus event in the message box.
  • If the film is available through Kanopy we will place the order as soon as possible.  Expect a 1-2 day turn around for requests.
  • If the film is not available through Kanopy we will order a DVD copy, place a “rush” on the order order and put it on reserve. Please allow a week for this process.
  • We will prioritize purchasing licenses for films requested by faculty for use in courses and those requested by faculty or staff for hosted, educational events
  • Expect a 1-2 day turnaround for requests much like our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service
  • Consider previewing Kanopy videos through your local public library – many have recently added Kanopy streaming to their offerings
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Licensed Films (list last updated 9/9/2019)
Video Title Days Remaining
Bedlam Behind Bars 24
Burma VJ - Reporting from a Closed Country 24
Certain Proof - Students with Disabilities Fight for Inclusion in Public Schools 24
Defiant Lives - The Rise Of The Disability Rights Movement 24
Embrace Of The Serpent - El abrazo de la serpiente 24
Jules and Jim 24
Long Night's Journey Into Day - A Quest for Justice in South Africa 24
Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures - The Provocative Photographer Who Changed Contemporary Photography 24
Moral Development In Children  - Theories, Stages, Impact 24
My Friend Dahmer 24
Rezoning Harlem - A Community Fights Against Gentrification 24
Salt of the Earth 24
Sense and Sensibility Episode 1 24
Swallows and Amazons 24
The 400 Blows - Les quatre cents coups 24
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 24
The State of Eugenics - The Story of Americans Sterilized Against Their Will 24
Wings of Desire 24
AIDS in Africa, WHY? 55
Altiplano 55
Anything You Want to Be 55
El Amparo 55
Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters - A Look at the Photographers' Process 55
Madeinusa 55
Marwencol - Recovering from a Brutal Attack, an Artist Creates a Miniature World 55
Nosferatu 55
State of Fear 55
The Chess Master 55
The Interrupters 55
The Miseducation of Cameron Post 55
The Nemesis of Mankind: HIV and AIDS 55
Twice Five Plus the Wings of a Bird 55
Voices of the Andes 55
When Two Worlds Collide - A Battle for Indigenous Amazonian Land 55
Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy - With Sue Johnson 86
I See Your Ability (playlist) 86
In Remembrance of Martin 86
Knife in the Water 86
Martin Luther King, Jr: Been To The Mountaintop 86
Martin Luther King, Jr: I Have A Dream 86
Martin Luther King, Jr: We Shall Overcome 86
Photographer - Photographs of the Lodz Ghetto During World War II 86
Sick Around the World 86
Summer 1993 - Estiu 1993 86
Tell Them We Are Rising - The Story of Historically Black Colleges and Universities 86
The Geography of Hope - 1877 to 1887 86
Tough Guise - Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity (playlist) 86
Waste Land - An Art Collaboration in the World’s Largest Garbage Dump 86
A Cat in Paris - Une vie de chat (playlist) 114
After the Mayflower 114
Amy - The Tragic Story of Amy Winehouse 114
Different Strokes: Nurture and Human Diversity 114
From Selma to Soweto 114
Goin' to Chicago - Personal Stories of the Great African American Migration 114
Including Samuel - Inclusion of Children with Disabilities (playlist) 114
It Had to Be You 114
Lady Bird 114
Last Men in Aleppo - The White Helmet Heroes Saving Lives in Syria 114
Man With A Movie Camera - Musical Accompaniment by The Alloy Orchestra 114
Metropolis 114
Moonlight 114
Orgasm Inc. - The Strange Science of Female Pleasure 114
Pornland - How the Porn Industry Has Hijacked Our Sexuality 114
Purple Noon 114
The Buddha - A History of Buddhism 114
The Gift 114
The Illusionists - The Globalization of Beauty (playlist) 114
Traces of the Trade - A Story from the Deep North 114
A Portrait of Jesus' World 146
Accidental Courtesy - Musician Daryl Davis Meets and Befriends Members of the Ku Klux Klan 146
Bill Cunningham New York - A Portrait of the Beloved Fashion Photographer 146
Blows Must Decide 146
Cognitive-Behavorial Therapy for Clients with Anxiety and Panic 146
Fear And Desire 146
Fire in the Blood (playlist) 146
Ida 146
Jesus' Many Faces 146
Jobs in Child Development: Career Compass 146
Living on One Dollar - Fighting Poverty Through Empowerment and Understanding 146
Manufactured Landscapes - The Art of Edward Burtynsky 146
Marathon: The Patriots' Day Bombing - The 2013 Boston Marathon Terrorist Bombing and Aftermath 146
Merton: A Film Biography - The Legacy of a Religious Philosopher (playlist) 146
My Brooklyn - Demystifying Gentrification 146
Nurses and Spiritual Care 146
Port of Shadows - Le Quai des Brumes 146
The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu - A Portrait of the Romanian Dictator 146
The Disappeared - A Personal Story About Argentina's Dirty War 146
The Fidel Castro Tapes 146
The Reluctant Revolutionaries 146
The True Welcome 146
What We Do In the Shadows 146
Julia Robinson and Hilbert’s Tenth Problem 147
Nelson Mandela - Prisoner to President 147
9 Songs [Uncut] 176
Activity Log 176
Cyberwar Threat 176
Effective Acupuncture 176
From Nowhere 176
Gueros 176
Hitchcock/Truffaut - The Timeless Legacy of Alfred Hitchcock 176
Holding Ground - The Rebirth of Dudley Street 176
Living in the Future's Past - What Kind of Future Would You Like to See? 176
Ma Ma 176
Our Disappeared 176
Reiki Symbols in Healing 176
Surviving Progress 176
The Seventh Seal 176
The Spectacular Now 176
Top Secret Rosies 176
Treating the Severe OCD Client - By Reid Wilson 176
20th Century Women 207
8 1/2 207
Class Dismissed - How TV Frames the Working Class 207
Dior and I - Inside the World of the Christian Dior Fashion House 207
N is a Number: A Portrait of Paul Erdös 207
Summer With Monika 207
The Abolitionists Part 1 207
The Hawthorne Legacy - The Scarlet Letter 207
Bicycle Thieves 237
Leaving Neverland Part 1 237
Notre Dame in Paris 237
The Mask You Live In 237
Vaulting—A Look at Roofs 237
Dead Man 262
The Girl on the Train 262
Haxan 268
Sickies Making Films - A History of Censoring Film in America 268
The Rediscovery of the Mind 268
My Life in China 269
Oceans - The Mystery of the Missing Plastic 269
Third Ward TX 269
Vincent Who? - The Murder of a Chinese-American Man 269
Issei: The First Generation 270
Managing Virtual Teams: Techniques and Best Practices 276
Invisible Hands - Investigating Modern Slavery of Children by Corporations 295
Makers: Women Who Make America - Season 1 (collection) 295
Not My Life - The Global Impact of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery 295
Islam 296
The Manuscripts of Timbuktu 296
Mr. Kaplan 298
The Liberator - Libertador 298
Illusions 302
The Candidate - El Candidato 302
The Mean World Syndrome - Media Violence & the Cultivation of Fear 302
Un Traductor 302
Daniel O’Connell and the Great Famine 303
The Great Uprising (1857 - 1858) 303
James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket - The Legendary Author and Civil Rights Activist 308
1492—The Columbian Exchange 315
We Shall Remain - A History of Native Americans (collection) 315
bell hooks - Cultural Criticism & Transformation 322
Quantum Consciousness 322
Reel Injun - On the Trail of the Hollywood "Indian" 323
The African Americans - Many Rivers to Cross (collection) 337
American Winter - The Decline of the Middle Class in America 346
Safavid Dynasty of Persia - 1501 346
The Salem Witchcraft Trials 346
That Sugar Film - How Sugar Has Infiltrated Our Diet and Culture 350
Miss Representation 364
I Am Not Your Negro - James Baldwin and Race in America 365
They Killed Sister Dorothy 365
Bartleby 1048
Emotionally Focused Therapy - Part 1 - With Rebecca Jorgensen (playlist) 1073
Race - The Power of an Illusion (playlist) 1080