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HIST2401 Modern China: Continuity and Change - Ravagnoli

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Assignment Details
  • Each student will be assigned one of the historical figures listed.
  • You will have to do research on your person.
  • You need to find at least one book or one article, published by a scholarly press, that discuses the person.
  • You will pick one specific event in the life of this person and narrate it in your presentation.
  • You will use the event (passing of a law, signing of a decree, creation of a specific movie, creation of a specific piece of art or literature) to discuss the time period your person lived in.
  • You will have to place in historical context the event and elaborate on the historical background developing a narration around the life of the person assigned to you.
  • You will turn in your notes and everything you have gathered to create the presentation.
  • Part of your grade will be based on the research you have done to discover info and secrets about the person (when you turn in your material you will have the citations of the sources you used--random websites or Wikipedia are NOT good sources) and part on the creativity of the presentation of your historical figure (examples of creative presentations: a poem, a script, a video game, a mock interview, a poster, a painting, an act... it's on you).
  1. Cixi
  2. Zen Guofan
  3. Kangxi
  4. Qianglong
  5. Yuan Shikai
  6. Chiang Kai-shek
  7. Madame Chiang
  8. Lu Xun
  9. Mao Dun
  10. Matteo Ricci
  11. Liang Qichao
  12. Li Peng
  13. Jiang Zemin
  14. Yuan Shikai
  15. Puyi
  16. Heshen
  17. Hong Xiuquan
  18. Feng Guigeng
  19. Chen Duxiu
  20. Hu Shi
  21. Ba Jin
  22. Yan Fu
  23. Zhou Enlai
  24. Hua Guofeng
  25. Qianlong
  26. Zhu De
  27. Zheng He
  28. ChongXheng (last Ming emperor)
  29. Lin Biao
  30. Jiang Qing

General Information about Biographies
Topic Page: Biography (Credo)

Selected Resources
  • Art of Asia
    The Museum of Fine Arts "collection of Asian art covers the creative achievement of more than half the world's population since 4,000 BC. The collection encompasses Japanese, Chinese, and Indian painting and sculpture; Japanese prints and metalwork; Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese ceramics; and the arts of the Islamic world."
  • Chinese Historical Society of New England
    The CHSNE is the "first educational organization dedicated solely to documenting, preserving, and promoting the history and legacy of Chinese immigration in New England."
  • National Art Museum of China
    China's national art museum features exhibitions and collections that can be browsed online.
  • National Museum of China
    Browse collections and research from China's national museum.
  • San Diego Chinese Historical Museum
    "Established in 1996, the San Diego Chinese Historical Museum (SDCHM) is one of America’s foremost institutions dedicated to sharing the Chinese American experience, and to promoting Chinese art and culture."
  • China Institute
    "China Institute advances a deeper understanding of China through programs in education, culture, art, and business. China Institute is the go-to resource on China—from ancient art to today’s business landscape and its rapidly shifting culture."
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