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HIST1108 World History to 1500 - Ravagnoli/Purinton

1. You should go to the Museum and visit the sections that correspond to the period we are studying (the origin to 1500 CE).

2. You will pick an artifact (or more in case you want to do a comparative analysis).

3. The indicative questions you will have to answer will be:

-Period of the artifact

-Timeframe you will be discussing

-You’ll place the object in time and space (political order, religious views, economic activities)


-What does it tell us about society of the period and the place you picked?

-Was there trade or encounters with other civilizations? How do we tell? Influences and similarities with other places, artifacts we studied or you saw in the museum?

-You need to have at least one primary source (the artifact itself counts) and at least two secondary sources (meaning scholars who have written about it - not one guy on the internet wrote that...)

-In the write up you need to use proper academic style (citation, good grammar and spelling)

-Give evidences for your argument

4. Times New Roman 12, double-spaced

5. Bibliography at the end

6. Be creative, interesting and straight to the point

7. Enjoy this assignment!
Article Databases
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Sample Searches
- ancient and Greece and (technology or manufacturing)
- Rome and (art or artwork or craftsmen)
- China and history and (society or customs or culture)

Article Databases: Ranked by Relevance * Note: Limit to peer-reviewed articles in databases that contain content that is both peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed.
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