MA Reardon Hingham Home/Studio Photographs and Videos

In 1962 MA (Mary Agnes) Reardon purchased land at 12 Martins Lane from her brother George Daniel Reardon and built a home on the site. In 1976 she began an expansion project that added an art studio to the house and it was in this studio she developed artwork for the St. Louis Cathedral (St. Louis, M.O.). After her death in 2002, MA Reardon Hingham Home, 2012the heirs of MA Reardon sold the house to Steven Wiener in 2003 and then in 2011 the house was purchased by Jon and Angela Weber. The following year the Webers decided to demolish the building constructed by MA Reardon. Demolition began in the summer of 2012.   

This collection contains photographs and videos of the home/studio of MA Reardon, a liturgical artist and Emmanuel College faculty member (1953-1972), at 12 Martins Lane, Hingham, Massachusetts. The collection was created in May and June of 2012, shortly before the demolition of the building. The collection is maintained in digitally in .jpeg (photographs) and .avchd (videos) formats.