HONOR 2403: Gender and the Urban American Experience

Gender and the Urban American Experience was established in the autumn of 2013 and was initially taught by Dr. Lisa Krisoff Boehm, Professor of History and Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. The course explores the relationships between gender and urban experience in a historical framework. Through this course students gain a greater understanding of modernity and its impact on our lives. The course covers such topicsHONOR2403: Gender and the American Urban Experience Image as: masculinity and its relationship to organized crime and political bosses as well the influences of the middle and upper classes upon the working class.

The interviews conduct in the autumn of 2013 were conducted by the students of alumni and staff who experienced Emmanuel College’s coeducational transition in 2001. These interviews detail the response of the community and what the interviewees experience at Emmanuel College during this time period.

The collection contains student interviews from the class HONOR 2403: Gender and the Urban America American Experience. These nineteen (19) student interviews were conducted from October 2013 through November 2013 and of the interviewees that were students and staff during the time that Emmanuel became coeducational in 2001. The questions in these interviews primarily consist of: 1) what the change from single-sex to coeducational was like for them, 2) what the overall response was of the student body to this change, and 3) what the upper classwomen who had been at Emmanuel for two or more years felt about the coeducational change. Other common questions consist of the activities the interviewees were involved in on campus and what Emmanuel was like for them before it became coeducational.

It should be noted that the interview with Judith Selley was not about Emmanuel College's co-education decision, but an examination of her life by her granddaughter Juliette L. Luchini. Other topics outside of the coeducation of the college may continue to be added in the future.