Distinction in the Field: Senior Theses of Emmanuel College

Recognized by Emmanuel College in academic year 1954-1955 and overseen by the Office of Academic Affairs, Distinction in the Field or Senior Theses require the student to not only achieve a grade point average of 3.5 in their major field of concentration, but also, in consultation with a faculty member, complete and present a thesis to the College Community. The Emmanuel College Archives, under the direction of John P. Healey, Jr. and Dr. Susan von Daum Tholl and with the permission of the Vice-President of Academic Affairs Dr. Joyce De Leo, began to collect these senior theses in the Spring of 2012.E. Attridge Thesis

Included are papers and projects by Emmanuel College undergraduate students that cover a wide variety of topics from the academic subjects that are taught at the College. The bulk of the papers date from 2012 through the present. The collection contains digital copies of theses, deposit agreement and submission forms (in .pdf format) from all students who decided to allow the College to maintain their work for researchers. In addition, some students decided to donate their presentation materials (in .pdf format). The collection also contains Works of Distinction calendars (in .pdf format) that contain all the names of students who created a thesis, even those that decided not to donate their work to the archives. They were created by the Office of Academic Affairs in the process of its administrative oversight of the theses.