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Administration Building Quad, c. 1916-1924
Emmanuel Class of 1923, (1922-1923)
Emmanuel College Campus and the Longwood Area, c.1922-1937
Administration Building Exterior, 1922-1923
Margaret O'Brien, Physical Education Instructor, 1923-1924
Athletic Association Members, 1923-1924
Anna M. Doyle Senior Portrait, 1924
Administration Building, Library, 1925-1926
Mary C. Mellyn, Profeesor of Education, c.1926-1927
Walter F. Downey, 1926-1927
Administration Building Exterior, 1926-1927
Administration Bldg. Classroom, 1927-1928
Reverend John B. Mullin, c.1928
Admin. Science Lab, 1928-1929, n. I
Admin. Building Science Lab, (1928-1929), n. II