Treasurer's Office Records

The Treasurer’s Office was established by 1921 when the Treasurer was made an official member of the Board of Trustees on September 24, 1921 soon after the College charter was issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Sr. Treasurer's Office IconBerchmans of the Sacred Heart, SND (Catherine A. Saunders) served as the College’s first treasurer. The Office of the Treasurer seeks to provide the physical, technological and financial resources needed to uphold the College's mission and provide the best learning and working environment for its faculty, staff and students.

Major responsibilities include budgeting and planning, financial accounting, facilities management, information technology management, capital improvements and construction, endowment and investment management. The major goals of the Office are: 1) Monitor the College's financial standing through monthly reporting, 2) Make data-driven decisions, 3) Invest the College's endowment ethically in funds consistent with our mission and Catholic teachings and 4) Evaluate policies and procedures to improve efficacy and efficiency.

College Treasurers

College Treasurer

Years of Service

Sr. Berchmans of the Sacred Heart (Catherine A. Saunders), SND


Sr. St. Cecilia (Anna Teresa Kelly), SND


Sr. Winifred of the Sacred Heart (Catherine Mary Murphy), ’44 SND


Sr. Theresa Regina (Katherine Kehoe), SND


Sr. Monica (de Sales, SND?)


Sr. Monica de Sales (Katherine O’Brien), SND


Sr. Mary Melana (Mary Lynch), SND


Sr. Eileen Gertrude (Gertrude Therese Mahoney), '52 SND


Sr. Anne Mary Donovan, ’62 SND



The Treasures’ Office records contain the documents that were created by or with or for the Treasures’ Office of Emmanuel College. The documents range in years from 1999-2016. The collection contains Institutional Master Plans (IMP) and those reports related material. The collection also contains Revenue Bond Listings for the College.