Ethos: Emmanuel College Student Literary Magazine

ETHOS, wINTER 1963Ethos, May 1967Ethos, Dec. 1967Ethos, May 1968Ethos, Feb. 1971Ethos,  Spring 1971

The Ethos, released in the fall of 1927 under the management of the senior class, accepted submissions from undergraduate students and alumnae. Its first issue cost .60 cents per issue or a $2.00 yearly subscription under the supervision of its first Editor-in-Chief Marguerite A. Coffey ’28. The Ethos had the same aim as that of a previous mimeographed publication known as the E.C. (est. 1921), to preserve the welfare of and interest in Emmanuel College. The Ethos existed through the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s as the College’s literary magazine that was released on a quarterly basis. As the publication entered the 1960s several changes occurred as frequency of publication fluctuated between twice and four times a year and by the end of the decade the Ethos cost $2.00 per issue or a $4.00 yearly subscription. By 1971 the Ethos staff began to accept faculty submissions. Due to decreased support, the Ethos ceased publication after the Spring 1971.

The Ethos: Emmanuel College Student Literary Magazine consists of forty-four (44) volumes. Although for most of its existence the Ethos was published on a quarterly basis (1927-1959, 1962-1964), it was published as little as three times a year (1959-1962, 1964-1966) and twice a year (1966-1971). It should also be noted that this publication has a volume numbering inconsistency that begins at volume thirty-six (36). It is unknown if this inconsistency if the result of a labeling mistakes or if there is a missing volume thirty-five (35). Be aware of this inconsistency that occurs in the year of 1961.