Ephemera Collection of Emmanuel College

College Viewbook, 1977-1978Women in Politics Program, 1984Founders' Day, 1996Jean Yawkey Dedication Program, Oct. 1, 2004Administration Building Floor Plan, 2013Hakim Lecture, 2016

The foundations of this collection date back to the early history of the College, when individual offices and students would save the ephemera that they produced for a specific event. This was a practice that continued for decades until 2010 when the Emmanuel College Archives assumed official jurisdiction.

As the name would suggest, ephemera tends to be transitory documents created for a specific purpose, and intended to be thrown away. The collection comprises primary sources relating to the events of Emmanuel College, including the lecture series, invitations, event announcements, pamphlets and College view books. The printed material was produced as the events unfolded and offers unique snapshots of the institution’s past.

Printed ephemera has had multiple purposes, as instanced by the variety of material assembled in the collection. A primary purpose was the distribution of information. In the days before television and the World Wide Web, the community received news by way of broadsides and printed ephemera.