Biography of Mary C. Mellyn, Professor of Education

Mary C. Mellyn
Emmanuel College Professor of Education (1926-1929)

Mary C. Mellyn was born in Boston, Massachusetts on December 11th, 1870, to Martin J., and Ellen T. Mellyn . After graduating high school in January 1890, Mary C. Mellyn was a substitute teacher in Everett Elementary School, Dorchester, from February 1890 to January 1891 . She was then appointed second assistant at Rice Training School, Boston, on February 11th, 1891, where she stayed until November 1894 . Mary joined Wells School, Jamaica Plain, Mary C. Mellyn, Profeesor of Education, c.1926-1927as a first assistant, third year from 1894 to September 1896 . Mary C. Mellyn took a position as an assistant at Boston Normal School in September 1896, and continued her work there until May 1905.

From there, Mary C. Mellyn spent time at Dillaway School, Boston, as a master until September 1906 . She was appointed Supervisor of Substitutes for Boston Public Schools in September 1906, and was promoted to Director of Substitutes in December 1911 . Mary C. Mellyn was further promoted to Director of Practice and Training for Boston Public Schools in September 1912 , a position she stayed in until her election as Assistant Superintendent of Schools in 1916.

Mary C. Mellyn received her Ed. M. at Boston University in 1924 . In 1925, Mary received an honorary doctorate from Boston College in education, making her the first woman to receive a degree from Boston College . Mary C. Mellyn taught secondary education as a graduate program at Emmanuel College from 1926 to 1929 , as well as taught courses at Boston College and Boston University . Mary C. Mellyn maintained her position as Assistant Superintendent at Boston Public Schools until 1946.