Biography of Anna L. (Grady) Fleming

Anna L. (Grady) Fleming
Emmanuel College Alumna (1931)

Anna Lantry (Grady) Fleming, often referred to as Ann, was born on July 8, 1910 to Bartholomew and Honora (Sullivan) Grady, in Somerville, Massachusetts . She was the younger sister of Emmanuel College’s eight president, Sister Ann Bartholomew Grady, SND ’28. Ms. Fleming, attended Emmanuel College and participated in the Musical Society, Dramatic Society and the Historical Society before earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics and English in Ann (Grady) Fleming '31 (Spring 1981)1931.

Ms. Fleming spent thirty years on the Alumni Board of Directors in various capacities, but most specifically as President, when she created the first Alumni office on campus . Ms. Fleming also created the first Emmanuel College Alumnae Fund, and served as volunteer director on the board for thirteen years. Ann L. (Grady) Fleming was the first alumni to be appointed to the Board of Trustees in 1956, and held that position for fourteen (14) years . She also served as the professional Alumnae Association Executive Secretary, and spent the majority of her time in that position serving as council for Emmanuel College presidents . In 1981, Ann Grady Fleming was appointed Alumnae Archivist and All-College Resource Person, where she stayed for over twenty years . Ann was also awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters in 1998 for her lifetime commitment to Emmanuel College.

Ann L. (Grady) Fleming passed away February 12th, 2005 at the age of ninety-four (94).