Photograph Archives of Emmanuel College

Women's Basketball Team, 1998-1999

The material in this collection contains photographs, negatives, ehemera, newspaper clippings and slides related to Emmanuel College from the 20th and 21st centuries that may or may not have been used in official College publications. In addition, some material within the collection may be under copyright protection. The collection covers such topics as the City of Boston, the Emmanuel College campus, events, sports and individuals. In addition it contains apostolic blessings from several Popes (see series four).

The collection is arranged into nine series that are: 1) Alumni and Alumni Events, 2) Emmanuel College Campus, 3) Events and Activities of Emmanuel College, 4) Framed Photographs, 5) Individuals Associated with Emmanuel College, 6) Photographic Slides, 7) Sports of Emmanuel College, 8) Restricted Photographs, and 9) Unidentified Photographic Material. This arrangement is present in the order in which it was received by the Archives Librarian. The folder list does not necessarily indicate everything that resides within a given box. The folder list indicates the starting and ending point for each box. For more on this collection contact us.