The Chapel Speaks Pamphlet

Anastasia Kirby Lundquist, member of the Emmanuel College Class of 1935, has written extensively for print, broadcast and performance, including a series of character sketches for radio and guest appearances on television shows, such as Swan Boat. Among her other publications is the Christmas Story A Dream of Christmas Eve (1937). During World War II she served as Assistant Director of the American Red Cross Blood Donor Center of Boston, while it was under contract to the U.S. Military. It was during this period that she wrote a series of radio documentaries. Ms. Lundquist has three children: Carl I. Lundquist, Marilyn Anderson and Edward H. Lundquist.Admin. Chapel, Sep. 18, 1993

Ms. Lundquist was requested by Sr. Janet Eisner, SND, President of Emmanuel College at the time, and Mary Beatty Muse, ‘41, Chairman of the Chapel Restoration Steering Committee, to write a history of the College Chapel at the time of its restoration. The pamphlet was published by the College in 2000.  

This collection contains the pamphlet The Chapel Speaks that discusses the history of the Emmanuel College Chapel from c. 1917 to 1998. The pamphlet contains twenty-four chapters that cover the social role, architecture and history of the chapel in the twentieth century.