Emmanuel Students, 1975-1976

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Admin. Building Science Lab, 1928-1929

1920s: From women's suffrage to prohibition, graduates of the new College were integral to the Jazz Age. During this period, Emmanuel was granted its charter by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Alumnae Association was established. 

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Admin. Building Quad, 1930-1931

1930s: With the Great Depression gripping the nation throughout the decade, Emmanuel students persevered with enthusiasm. The Alumni Association responded to the economic times with the creation of the Placement Bureau to help students and graduates find employment.

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Cap and Gown Day, 1948-1949

1940s: No strangers to struggle, Emmanuel students of the 1940s held down the home front and served our country during time of war as Women’s Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) and more. On campus, Student Government was established and Alumnae Hall opened as home to the sciences.

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Marian Dorm, 1955-1956

1950s: From Elvis and rock-and-roll to the civil rights movement and the Cold War, the 1950s were a time of societal changes and musical revolution. On campus, academics continued to thrive as Marian Hall opened along with the first on-campus student residence—Julie Hall.

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Presidential Election 1968

1960s: The Beatles invaded, Martin Luther King had a dream and Emmanuel women stood at the heart of second-wave feminism. On campus, St. Ann, St. Joseph and Loretto Halls opened as student residences and the College dedicated the Cardinal Cushing Library.

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Cushing Library Quad, 1977-1978

1970s: On a campus of empowered, educated women, the cause of feminism continued to stand strong while the Vietnam War, disco and Watergate raged. In the halls of Emmanuel, students took part in anti-war movement teach-ins and the College initiated their continuing education program.

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Emmanuel Autumn Carnival, 1988

1980s: From the launch of MTV to the fall of the Berlin Wall, alumnae of the 1980s navigated economic recession to find their place in an increasingly globalized economy. On campus, Emmanuel College hosted the 1984 Democratic presidential primary debate on women’s issues.

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Emmanuel Move-In Day (1994), n. I

1990s: Students turned to the World Wide Web for research as grunge and hip hop ruled the music scene. President Sr. Janet Eisner, SND initiated the Colleges of the Fenway consortium while the campus celebrated its first Founders’ Day in honor of the SNDs and St. Julie Billiart.

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Cap and Gown Ceremony, 2008

2000s: The 2000s were a time of great change on campus, with students taking to social media and the College welcoming its first coed class. The College opened the Jean Yawkey Center and Maureen Murphy Wilkens Science Center, and the restored Roberto Clemente Field became home field for the Saints.

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Emmanuel Commencement, May 8, 2010

2010s: The 2010s saw the continued development of tablets and smartphones that connected society and facilitated the sharing of ideas. During this period, the College saw the renovation of the Administration Building and the development of the Notre Dame Campus, the former home of the Society of St. Margaret's Convent.

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