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Adela Du Sacre Coeur (Adele Mare Gils), ud
Sr. Mary (Margret Henretty), SND, ud
Frances of the Sacred Heart (Catherine Cahill), ud
Sr Margaret Patricia Herbert, ud
Administration Building Quad, c. 1916-1924
Emmanuel Class of 1923, (1922-1923)
Emmanuel College Campus and the Longwood Area, c.1922-1937
Administration Building Exterior, 1922-1923
Margaret O'Brien, Physical Education Instructor, 1923-1924
Athletic Association Members, 1923-1924
Anna M. Doyle Senior Portrait, 1924
Administration Building, Library, 1925-1926
Mary C. Mellyn, Profeesor of Education, c.1926-1927
Walter F. Downey, 1926-1927
Administration Building Exterior, 1926-1927
Administration Bldg. Classroom, 1927-1928
Reverend John B. Mullin, c.1928
Admin. Science Lab, 1928-1929, n. I
Admin. Building Science Lab, (1928-1929), n. II